Movin’ On Up

Wow,  I’ve had a great last several sessions at the gym.  Earlier in the week, I went in for double-duty (weight training / running), and everything suddenly felt…..light?  My run felt incredibly easy. I had to bump up the weight on NEARLY every exercise in my routine.  Today?  I had to bump up EVERYTHING. It’s always encouraging to see that kind of progress, after a plateau.  The best part?  Yesterday, I did my running class without my knee braces.  Today, I also did the gym without them, and I was able to bump up my leg press to 220 lbs.  While I’m sure the loss of 20 lbs was literally a weight lifted off my knees, I’m glad they are also getting stronger!

Not all is so great in the rest of my health, but I’m determined to fix that.  I got a full blood panel done.  It turns out, I’m low on Vitamins C, D, and Magnesium. I’m also VERY low on Cortisol and DHEA-S.  What that really means is that I’ve been stressed out for such a long period of time, that my immune system has gone bonkers, and my body is basically inflamed from fighting so hard.  Tuesday, my doctor wants to discuss some sort of immune system ‘reboot’ that involves an injection to my thyroid…..????  Ouch.  Otherwise, my solution is to start juicing (but not fasting).  Besides my morning Shakeology, I don’t think I’m really getting enough veggies.  My new juicer should arrive tomorrow. 🙂 I’m also taking powdered and liquid supplements.

In other news, I signed up for two more 5K races.  The next one is July 16 at Teterboro Airport.  Yes, we will actually be running down an airport runway!  Flattest track ever! How many times can you say you’ve gotten to do that?  Although I’m sure there will be more races in between, the other one I signed up for is in November – the Rocky Race in Philadelphia – which begins and ends at the infamous “Rocky Balboa” steps.  This one always sells out, and I’m told is always a lot of fun.  That might make a nice weekend trip, now that I think of it.





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