Sorry, I’ve been in MIA.  I really meant to get a blog out a few weeks ago before I had surgery.  I had to have surgery on my right hand on Aug 2, and I’m still recuperating.  I am able to type (albeit slowly), but I can’t write with a pen yet.   I was correcting a case of trigger finger in both my middle and ring finger.  So there are two incisions healing, and I will need some PT to get my fingers moving normally.

I also had to quit my normal gym routine and running schedule due to being tightly bandaged up.  They didn’t want to risk infection if my hands got sweaty.

I got back to running class Saturday, but I didn’t do so great.  The heat and humidity took down most of us, but I particularly had a hard time.  I made a point to run 3 miles last night.  Gotta pick back up and keep going!

Anyway, I still have a real blog brewing.  I just am not able to type for long periods of time. So maybe I will write it in small chunks to get it out faster.

Til then, ciao!